EMT Challenge

In order to participate in the challenge course examination, a person must meet one of the following requirements:
(1) The person is currently licensed in the United States as a Physician, RN, PA, or LVN/LPN.
(2) The person provides documented evidence of having successfully completed an emergency medical service training program of the Armed Forces within the preceding two (2) years.
(3) Upon review of documentation, the EMT certifying entity may also allow an individual to challenge if the individual was active in the last two (2) years in a prehospital emergency medical classification of the Armed Services, which does not have formal recertification requirements.

Testing and Examination:
An eligible person shall be permitted to take the EMT course challenge examination only one (1) time.  Successful completion of the EMT course challenge examination will allow the successful student to receive a Course Completion Certificate and allow them to apply for recertification as an EMT in the State of California.  An individual who fails to achieve a passing score on the EMT course challenge examination shall successfully complete an EMT course to receive an EMT course completion record.

For questions regarding challenging the EMT course, please contact HPEMT at (951)279-6110, or e-mail your inquiry to info@hpemt.org.